Frequently Asked Questions

Do I sing well enough to be part of a performing choir?

Our choir is a community chorus which invites all to participate regardless of musical knowledge or background. Many of our members have some experience singing; we have several professional singers in our group but also members who had never read sheet music until joining.

Developing a new talent and learning to sing in a choir requires patience and dedication and success depends how much of a commitment you are ready to make. Our advanced choir members are always happy to provide extra feedback or support to help you attain your best possible performance.

I don’t read music, how will I sing with the group?

Reading music is a part of choir practice but also quite easy to learn. Many supports and tools are provided to help members achieve their musical and vocal potential. These tools include mp3s in every voicing (tenor 1, tenor 2, baritone, bass), a music theory guide​ and computer files which can be used with free software to help you learn. We also periodically hold singing workshops for more interactive learning.

Of course, our weekly rehearsals are where we all gain most from work as a group toward perfecting our sound and gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of individual pieces. The musical director is able to assist with any questions during this time.

What typically happens at a rehearsal?

Regular rehearsals last 2.5 hours with a ten-minute break. We meet at 7 pm sharp and take our places in our different vocal sections ( i.e., tenor 1, tenor 2, barytone and bass)​. The musical director will select the pieces we will be rehearsing. Our accompanist will play the piano to guide us through the piece. As we typically sing in four sections, each vocal section will also be led though a review of their part. Some music may also be accompanied by simple choreography as well as opportunities for small group performances outside the regular season repertoire (for more see below).

Prior to break, we will run through a few choir announcements as well as hear about other activities in the community.

Following rehearsal, the group moves on to an optional social activity.

What is the time commitment?

The choir meets weekly on Wednesdays from 7 pm – 9:30 pm for the duration of the season. The winter season runs for approximately 13 weeks. The Spring season runs for about 14 weeks. There are typically two all-day Saturday rehearsals (9 am – 4 pm) during the season. There are also 2 – 3 sectionals (small group rehearsal by voicing) lasting 2-3 hours. You are also expected to rehearse on your own in preparation for the next group rehearsal.

It is choir policy that members participate in a minimum 75% of rehearsals.

Are there any fees to join?

Approximately one third of the choir’s annual budget comes from member fees. Current fees are $150 per semester (2 semesters per season) and $120 pr semester for new members in their first year. Members who are unable to pay the fees (in part or in full), may make other payment or subsidy arrangements.

I don’t sing. Are there other ways to get involved?

We’re glad you asked! We’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help with:

  • staff our concerts (front door, usher)
  • help us raise funds

We also welcome local LGBTQ+ musical, stage, dance and visual artists/performers to showcase their talent at our ‘Gay Ol’ Time Cabaret’, now in it’s 10th edition! For more information about performance activities, contact Lee-Pierre Shirey.